owl in you
Я очень люблю своего брата.
Как нас вырастили такими меланхоличными, длинными и циничными?

Don't you forget what I've
told you
So many years
We are hopeless
And slaves to our fears
We're an accident called human
Don't be angry for loving
me baby
Don't say it's unreal
So many lies turned to songs
Like roses who are hiding their
It's the end of the world
It's a prison for dreams and
for hopes
And still we believe there is god
It's the end of the world
We're dead but pretend we're
Full of ignorance
Fools in disguise
In your room doing nothing
But staring at flickering screens
Streets are empty
But still you can hear
Joy of children turned into tears
Disease hides around every
Quietly still
Wait for the moment
To heal
Wait for God,
Want his touch, want to feel.
It's the end of the world,
The end of the world.
Take this pill it will make you
feel dizzy
And then give you wings
Soon boy you'll fall into sleep
Without nightmares
Without any dreams
If you wake up in hell or in
Tell the angels we're here
Waiting below for a dream
Here in the garden of sin

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